First Sign FAQ


General Questions

Will First Sign prevent an attack from occurring?

Criminals prefer to do what they want without getting caught. First Sign has several features that are designed to deter an attacker. An automatic alert saying evidence is being collected and help is on the way is a strong deterrent, but cannot prevent an attack from originally occurring. Our goal is to stop an incident before it escalates and deliver evidence to prosecutors.

Do I still need a traditional security system or self-defense training?

Security is a dynamic and complex system that depends on your lifestyle and behavior. Traditional security systems and self-defense techniques have a time and place. If you have the time and resources, we support having both First Sign and the traditional security measures.

Is my personal information going to be secure?

We understand the hesitation when it comes to sharing personal information, and we are doing our best to keep everything as clear as possible. Your GPS location and the information collected will only be recorded when an impact is detected or the panic button is pressed. Your emergency contacts will be sent that information in order to keep you safe. The information is saved on your phone, and with our professional monitors if you are signed up for monitoring. If it is a false alarm, the information will be deleted. You, as the customer, will always be able to decide what information is used.

False Alarms

This idea sounds promising, but I’m afraid of false alarms. Will false alarms be common?

The smart wearables are paired with your smartphone so you will always have the control panel to deactivate with you.  All of our products are designed to make false alarms very rare.  If you disagree, please take us up on our satisfaction guarantee.

What happens if there is a false alarm?

In the event that a non-threatening impact does set of the alarm, here’s what would happen… The device uses a Bluetooth connection with your phone to call for help. This means your phone will already be in range for you to hear the false alarm notification. Simply enter your deactivation pin to turn off the alarm.

Purchasing & Set-Up

Where do I get the app?

You will be able to download the mobile app on through iTunes and Google Play.

Will my smart phone work with the app and device?

Any smart phone with a Bluetooth connection can use the hair clip device. It is just like pairing a headset, car, or speaker to your phone. The mobile app will run on Apple iOS 4.3 or later and Google Android 2.1 or later.

Can I buy one for someone else?

Yes! You will be given an activation code for monitoring services that the recipient can use when setting up their profile. The other products and services are not user specific and can be given as gifts.


How much is shipping?

There is a shipping fee of $5.95 for all US addresses. International shipping and related expenses will be extra. Please note professional monitoring is currently only offered in the United States. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when First Sign Monitoring will be available in your country.


Do I have to have the professional monitoring service?

The professional monitoring service is not required. However, not having the professional monitoring service will have distinct disadvantages. Please click here for more information about the benefits of professional monitoring.

Does First Sign Monitoring provide professional monitoring in my area?

You will be covered anywhere with a cell signal, as long as your phone has data and voice plan. First Sign Monitoring provides a U.L.-Listed Monitoring Center with current operations nationwide. They have the technology available to service our customers worldwide.


Can I use this device to make a geofence for someone?

Great idea! You can certainly use this device to be notified if your child wanders off. Bluetooth generally has a range up to 30 feet. If the device goes outside of this range it will break the connection, resulting in a notification on your phone.

Can I use more than one device on the same phone at the same time?

Certainly. Current Bluetooth specifications say 7 connections is the limit but it may be less depending on the amount of data being transferred over each connection. First Sign devices use very little data while monitoring for an incident so you can safely use several devices as long as you are not using another data intensive device.

What happens if the battery runs low?

You will be notified on your phone if the battery is running low while in use. Every time our device connects to your phone it will tell you the current battery life of the device. We encourage you to keep our devices on the charger when not in use so they are fully charged when you need them.

How do I know if the device is working?

After you hit the On switch you are required to shake the device to tell it to pair to your phone. This ensures the device is working at the beginning of the use.

What type of charger is needed for the device?

The First Sign products that require charging have a micro-USB charging port. A charger is included with every product.